Thursday, July 17, 2008

Olympia Village Building Convergence Schedule of Events

Olympia Village Building Convergence Schedule of Events

Friday July 25th

9am-4pm Earthen Plaster: GRuB
12:30-4:30pm Cob Bench Building: Olympia Salvage

Saturday July 26th

9am-4pm Earthen Plaster: GRuB
10:00-3:30pm Cob Bench Building: Olympia Salvage
11 am - 1pm Seed saving as an Activist Practice: Fertile Ground with Marisha Auerbach
11am-4pm Hydrogen Hybrid workshop: Grub with Ian Keith
4:30-5:30pm Introduction to Natural Building with Earthen Materials: GRuB with Joseph Becker
5:30pm Potluck picnic: GRuB
7-9pm Dana Lyons Concert: The Unitarian Church

Sunday July 27th

9am-4pm Earthen Plaster: GRuB
10-12am Appropriate heat: Solar Ovens, rocket stoves and building hay boxes: GRuB with Sam Fox
10am-4pm Cob Bench Building: Olympia Salvage
1-3pm Introduction to using Grey Water and Compost Toilets: Love Shack with Chriset Palenshus
3-4pm How to cook your own beer for cheap: GRuB with Jonah Hankin-Rappaport
7-9pm Grand opening of Veggie Cross Roads Community Garden Live Music and Potluck Located at Milroy and Scammel on the Westside. There will be opportunities to beautify the space.


GRuB - 2016 Elliott Ave NW, Olympia.

Earthen Plaster is made of a combination of clays, sand and a fiber (straw) mixed in a muddy pit with bare feet. The mixture will be smeared with our hands onto the walls on GRuB’s new Farmhouse/Education Center to provide a beautiful and durable interior wall finish. Join Joseph Becker, an ecological builder and educator, for 3 days of muddy fun.

Olympia Salvage - 415 Olympia Ave NE, Olympia.

Cob Couch, come learn the basics of building with sand, clay and straw. Cob is easy to use, fun for all ages and temperaments (except those who don't like getting dirty) and versatile. Meet great people and gain a new skill at this hands-on workshop with Larissa Podzaline.

Fertile Ground - 311 9th Ave SE, Olympia.

Seed saving as an Activist Practice Come join us to learn how you can take responsibility for your own food supply by saving your own seed from your garden. We will be discussing harvest of cultivated and native seeds as well as flowers and vegetable crops. Seed saving is a great localized buffer against the globalization of our food supply as it encourages diversity & increases the resilience in our gardens to pests and diseases. Bring your questions, leave with seeds!

Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation - 2200 E End St NW, Olympia.

Dana Lyons, Bringing together a mix of comedy, ballads and love songs, Dana's sharp wit and beautiful voice have him performing at concert halls, festivals, conventions, fundraisers and universities across the US and around the world. Dana's music style includes a bit of everything; his biggest radio hit "Cows with Guns," receives crossover radio play on country, rock, alternative, community, college and oldies radio stations worldwide.

The Love Shack - 225 Milroy St. NW, Olympia

Introduction to using Grey Water and Compost Toilets, this 2 hour class demonstrates how to rig up a system that saves money and valuable natural resources; systems in use at this site are created at almost no cost! We'll observe how it works and have a chance to use it too.

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