Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Annual Olympia Village Building convergence

In the interest of promoting a more community-oriented and
ecologically sustainable society, we are organizing a hands-on
educational event to be called The Olympia Village Building
. Over the course of a long weekend, people will have the
opportunity to participate in numerous projects involving green and
natural building techniques and principles of permaculture and edible
landscaping, partnering experienced practitioners with volunteers.
The goal is to accomplish a small number of construction and planting
projects, giving people training in the basic methods involved and
fostering a sense of community as strangers come together to create
useful spaces for all to enjoy.
We have the sites chosen for this year, we are seeking partners to help support this event through monetary and in-kind donations. Some materials we need include sand, rebar, non-toxic paint and native plants.
Donations are tax-deductible thanks to our friends at Terra Commons, a
local non-profit devoted to the art of Edible Forest Gardening.
We appreciate any assistance you may provide and look forward to meeting you at the event!
More information will be available by the end of June such as calender of events and sponsoring organizations.
For further questions or if you would like to volunteer, email:

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