Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jan Spencer, culture change advocate, at Traditions 7/28/07

Terra Commons presents,

A fascinating evening with

Eugene, OR ~ culture change advocate

Jan Spencer

July 28th, 2007 7pm

Traditions Fair Trade Cafe

300 5th AVE

Jan will weave together aspects of economics, urban land use, US foreign policy, global trends, Permaculture, and human potential in a unique analyses the concludes unprecedented eco logical culture change is highly recommended.

The presentation will show how many assets and allies of culture change already exist, some of them closer than we might think. Spencer will explain the term ‘culture of cohesion’ and how reinventing the urban landscape can be a catalyst for helping bring about this new paradigm.

Jan is currently writing a book about Eugene and Cascadia 30 years into the future and 15 years into recovery. Copies of Jan’s book ‘Global Trends - local Choices – towards an Eco Humanist New Culture’ will be for sale. To see Jan’s place and articles and essays Jan has written along with a YouTube video tour of his property, go to: www.suburbanpermaculture.org


Sunday, July 29th

Permaculture Garden Bike Tour

Bring your bike and come see what amazing Permaculture gardens are growing right here in Olympia.

Please Call (360) 866-1331 for more information and to sign up to ride.


(360) 866-1331




Terra Commons is a non-profit network. We serve communities by researching, designing, and practicing habitat restoration, sustainable agriculture, and natural building. We believe that our patterns of land use and habitation are directly connected with the health of our biosphere and that of generations to come. Through our connections, we share in the responsibility of positively affecting the balance of economic, social, and ecological systems.

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